Friday, September 25, 2009

The Five Wounds of Christ

The Five Wounds
by Roy Heiney

"He was wounded for our transgressions" -Isaiah 53:5a

If it had not been for us, there would have been no Calvary.

If it had not been for Him, there would have been no Calvary.

How many wounds can a person medically suffer? Five

1)A Contused Wound - one that results from a blow delivered by an instrument that's not sharp. Matthew 26:67 (buffeting and smoting)

2)A Laceration - the kind of wound produced by a tearing instrument. Matthew 27:26 (scourging) / Isaiah 52:13-14 [See my article on "Flagellation" at]

3)A Penetrating Wound - a wound produced by a sharp-pointed instrument. Matthew 27:29 (the crown of thorns) / more smoting too in v.30

4)A Perforating Wound - the kind of wound caused when the instrument pierces right through. John 19:18 (when they pierced His hands and feet)

5)An Incision - a wound resulting from a cut produced by a sharp-edged instrument such as a
knife. John 19:34 (the last indignity recorded to the body of Christ- an incision w/ a Roman spear)

What did Jesus have after His resurrection? A new body
What did He have on that body? The scars still
Could He have a body free of them? Yes, He could
He carries those scars to the wonder of the redeemed and all the hosts of Heaven.
Those scars are possibly the only man-made things in Heaven.

There's a song that says, "The cross said it all." With all due respect, the cross didn't
say it all. Not taking anything away from the cross (and Jesus' shed blood and His death), He suffered unspeakably BEFORE the cross.

"He was wounded for our transgressions" - Isaiah 53:5a.

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